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  1. The Schrocks says:

    SO glad that you are going back to Guatemala! May God bless you greatly this week!

    The Schrocks

  2. Becky says:

    Hey love,
    I hope you all made it safely to Guatemala. Been praying for you lots! I pray you have a wonderful week serving God. I pray that you are able to see God in everything you do. Noah had a great time with Rog last night, and the kids had a good time at PC. You missed an epic youth group. Justin ate ‘dog food’, don’t worry, I believe there are pictures and we will fill you in with the gory details. Miss you greatly already, but I know that our time apart will seem short. Yes it is 4:30am, been up with Little Joe since 3am, I think I finally got him back down for good. Rachel snooped in my planner and found their surprise for tomorrow night, but she thinks we are going to Disneyland!! LOL Oops, well I hear Noah again, Love you much. God bless you this week! Have a wonderful time and don’t worry about home. Supermom has everything under control

  3. Brent Leusink says:

    Yes we made it here safely last night. Our plane was delayed in Dallas so we didn’t get to Guatemala until about 8:45. But we got through customs without any problems and got to the base at about 11:00. Today we got alot of work done and everyone seems very tired tonight. I hope you have abetter night tonight and that Noah sleeps better so you can as well. Love you and see you soon.

  4. Amanda Dykstra says:

    Hey Brent!
    Hope all is going well for you guys! Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way! Have a great week using your talents to spread His love.

  5. Becky says:

    Hello Love,
    So Disney on Ice was amazing!! Jake will fill you in with all the Captain Hook and Mickey Mouse details. His face was just priceless, he looked like he was in a trance! Rachel said when we were walking out, “This was waaay better then the circus!!” Laura took care of Noah and she said they had a blast! He is sleeping very peacefully now so hopefully that continues through the night, I really need some sleep. Glad to hear that traveling went well and that you got lots accomplished today. I luv you!! Have a GREAT Friday!! Make sure you are harrasing Dave J for me 🙂 Luv you bunches!! Bye for now 🙂

  6. Judy Vlietstra says:

    Hey, Brent,
    Sorry we did not get to talk to you personally before you left. Hopefully, you got our phone message. We are praying for safety for you and that you have an absolutely awesome week serving our awesome God.
    The Vlietstras

  7. Becky says:

    BAZINGA!! So I hope that Friday has brought nothing but great things for you and the team! I have been thinking about you and praying for you lots!! I hope you are able to feel the presence of the spirit working with you guys. Anything exciting happening? Did you guys do the medical clinic yet? I am anxious to hear how everything is going. I hope you are all behaving 🙂 LOL! I also pray that as you guys work together serving that you are also able to grow together as brothers in Christ, lifting one another up. Have a GREAT weekend. Sara, Amanda, Jenn and myself are heading out for a great ladies night out tonight. I am very excited to get out of the house childless 🙂 Noah slept all night last night! Praise the Lord!! From 9pm until 8am! Jake was up at 5:30 am to replay to me every detail of Disney on Ice! Boy is that kid excited! Noah has been in a great mood today so I know he is feeling much better, he still does not want to eat, so I let him drink whenever he asks. Rachel is on antibiotics now too. She was complaining of a sore throat so I called ASAP and they put her on some meds right away. She says she is feeling fine, just her throat hurts. Hopefully that doesn’t turn into something. I pray that you are all healthy and feeling well. I better get going as I have some laundry to finish up before our girls night out. Los Tulipanes and going to see The Vow is on the agenda 🙂 Talk to you soon!! Luv ya!!!

  8. Nora says:

    I hope you are having a great time and enjoying your mission work. May God bless you as you do His work on earth. Love, Nora

  9. Marvin D. Meendering says:

    Your children will be getting their usual spoiling tonight, got a roast in the crock pot, mashed potatoes, gravy and bean. Hope you are getting plenty to eat and that it is going well. Take care and we will continue to pray for your endeavors to be a real blessing to the people you are serving. Take care and stay safe.

  10. Brent says:

    Thank you everyone for the prayers, they are felt. Everything is going great here. I have been working on putting the loft in the garage with Dave J., Joel, and Jason. We have got it ready to put the decking on tommorrow, I would like to get that done but not sure if that will happen. tonight there are 11 more guys coming in so we should be able to accomplish alot tommorrow. We are very tired at the end of the day, I think it must be the altitude. They have been feeding us very good while we are here, they are great cooks. Last night we had some fried tortilla shells filled with meat and homemade pico de gilo and guacamole that was as good as anything at Los Tulipanes. Sunday we will go on our medical clinic, be praying that we have safe travel ther and that we may be able to show them Gods love and that they may want a personal relationship with him as well.

  11. Brent says:

    Hi Rachel and Jacob. How are you doing? I hope you had a good time last night, I can’t wait to hear all about it! What else have you been doing while I have been gone? Give Noah a
    hug and kiss for me. I love you guys and will see you soon.
    Love Daddy

  12. Rachel, Jake & Noah says:

    Hi Daddy,
    Disney on Ice was amazing! (Rachel) And it was cool too!(Jake) In one part, bubbles were coming down out of the ceiling! We might get to go to the library today and maybe Cole and Erica, Breanna and Tricia might come over tonight. We also saw Peter Pan fly and we saw Capt Hook get eaten by a crocodile. There was a big inflatable Ursula too!! Mommy took some pictures but her camera wasn’t acting very good, so they all didn’t turn out so good. We tried to make mommy breakfast in bed today, but just as we went to deliver it to her, she was getting up to get Noah so she had to eat it at the table, but she still really liked it. (Rachel) I finished another chapter book and I haven’t gotten my name on the board at all since you have been gone. Aunt Jen and Blake came over yesterday to hang out and we all got to hold and cuddle Blake. It was so fun! She went out with Mommy and her friends. xzdfnadkf ad fasdjfalsagha;sldfkj Love, Noah 🙂 Are you habing wots of fun wif Dabe?(Jake) He is a funny guy.

    We love you Daddy and we miss you!! We can’t wait to see you again soon!

    Rachel, Jake & Noah

  13. Bethany says:

    Hi old man!
    Aren’t ya glad you went 🙂 I hope you’re having a good time. You should take some pictures of what everything looks like so we can see how it’s all changed. I’m praying that you don’t break any of your old man bones. Stay out of trouble 🙂
    And see ya when you come home

  14. Becky says:

    Hey Love,
    I have been praying that you were all blessed at the medical clinic you had today. Just a heads up, we were put in a winter weather advisory for tomorrow. I will do some checking on the radar to see if I can give you any more details, but what can we do about it? Nothin but pray for safe travels I guess. Are you ready to come home? We are sure ready to have you back! Noah has been really good for me as well as Jake. Jake has had not a single tantrum or meltdown and has been so well behaved! Noah has been sleeping great since Thursday night so that has been a blessing. Yesterday he was sooo funny, he would walk through the house yelling ‘Da-Da’ and then wait for an answer and then when there was no response, he would move to another part of the house and yell. It was soo cute. Mom and Dad are having fun on their vacation. They called last night for me to make a hotel reservation for them online as they couldn’t do it by phone. They were heading to Pueblo, Colorado. Pray the weather allows them to make it home safely as well tomorrow. Rachel is starting to get a bit whiny and had quite the meltdown yesterday but got over it and is doing fine today. She has been such a big helper for me with the boys! She did however teach Noah to do the ‘shake your booty’ thing. Soo cute, but oh goodness, our poor boys LOL!!

    We had a fun night last night as Sara and the kids came over for a movie night. We put the kids in Jake’s room to watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins and the mommys drooled over our vampires and werewolves upstairs LOL!! Sara texted me this morning that Tricia and Erica came down with the flu during the night, poor girl, Breanna was sick Wednesday – Friday so she really hasn’t had much of a break since Dave has been gone, but she is a supermom too so she is doing pretty well. I just pray that we don’t come down with it. Tricia and Noah are dating now as well. We found them in Noah’s room snuggling in the rocking chair and then later they were walking around holding hands. It was sooo precious!

    Well I think this will be my last update to you unless I find out anymore weather info for you. I will be praying for all of your safety as you travel tomorrow and I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures, ok, honestly, I am excited to hear but part of me is a bit jealous 🙂 I know, my time will come. I love you lots and I hope you were able to make it to the market to get me another bag (as if I don’t have enough LOL) but if not, I hope you have a bag full of coffee for me 🙂 I love you to the moon and back, be safe and enjoy your last hours in Guatemala!! See you soon!!!

  15. Brent says:


    We just got back from our medical clinic, what a great night! Most of the village came forward to accept Christ. We had a great time hear but I am ready to be home, I miss you guys. Not really excited to hear about the winter weather advisory, especially after we just we in 80’s with high humidity today, that will be a change! Well I am going to go to bed since we have to be up at 3 am to go to the airport. I will call when we get into Dallas.

    Love Ya

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