Cody Anderson


11 Responses to Cody Anderson

  1. The Schrocks says:

    Praying that you have an amazing time in Guatemala! We are excited that you are going to serve and help. May you be amazed by what you see and do!
    The Schrocks

  2. Cody,
    Praying for you for a safe arrival in Guatemala. Praying you will enjoy your time there & see what God has planned for you over next few days.
    Mom & Dad

  3. Haverdinks says:

    Cody! We are praying that God moves in ways that you can’t fathom this week! We’re praying for you and everyone else!

    – The Haverdinks

  4. Mark and Priscilla Jansma says:

    We are excitied that you are part of the mission team in Gautemala. Hope you have an exciting time and that Dave doesn’t teach you to many bad things.

  5. Ray & Lori Van Gorp says:

    Ray & Lori Van Gorp We are glad you are following Gods calling to help do his work in Gautemala .We will be praying for God to lead you though the week ahead.

  6. Jess DeWeerd says:

    Hey Cody!
    I’m proud of you for taking this step in your faith walk. I hope you have a great week in Guatemala. Stay safe. I’ll be praying for you!

    – Jess DeWeerd

  7. Judy vlietstra says:

    Hey, Cody,
    We are so happy you have made this commitment. We are praying for you. Have an awesome week.
    The Vlietstras

  8. Jon and Donna Anderson says:

    Tried to track your plane, as you were flying, but didn’t get it done. Hope you are having a great time, and get everything done that your team is working on. We know you wll do your best. See you when you get home. God Bless!

    Grandpa and Grandma

  9. Deb Blauwet says:


    We are proud of what you are doing in Guatemala. It is amazing where God can lead you and what you learn about yourself and other people. Enjoy your experience!!

    The Blauwets

  10. Hi Cody ,
    How are you doing in Guatemala?We are praying for you.How is your work coming in Guatemala.I will be glad to see you when you come. Jared & Zach say Hi.

    From Brittini

  11. cody i am praying that you have a good trip home from gautemala
    see you tomorrow night

    love Zach

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