Dave Dykstra


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  1. Vicki says:

    Hello Dave,
    hope you are making lots of progress already today. Don’t forget to see God working as you work to glorify Him

  2. Amanda Dykstra says:

    Hey Dave,
    Hope your first day is going well. I believe OC ended up with 6 inches of snow yesterday and RV had about 4. Temperature wise it was really nice though, so after school we went sledding with the kiddos. Levi wasn’t so sure- mostly because he didn’t like his boots. Kaylee liked being pulled around in the sled until grandma threw snow in her face(on accident of course) 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Love you!

  3. Priscilla Jansma says:

    Hope you haved arrived safely at Paradise Bound and that you are working hard. May God bless you as you are a blessing to those in Gautemala.

  4. The Schrocks says:

    The guys are leaving today and they have the plumbing supplies! May they and it, get through customs a-o-k. Praying for you this week.
    Justin & Vicki

  5. Amanda Dykstra says:

    Hey there! How is life down south? Hope your day was fantastic and you are busy at work! Praying that the other guys made it safe and sound and that you have a great time serving together. Alex and I spent Valentines with the kiddos- calling in pizza and sitting in the hot tub- they thought it was great! We had a fun night just chilling out. The kiddos and I had a good night at church tonight, and now they are sleeping peacefully (hopefully for all night!). On the way to church, Kaylee asked if daddy was going to meet us there after work- that’s usually what happens, but not tonight- she was a little confused. We are all doing well and hope the same for you!
    Love you!

  6. Dave says:

    hey i am doing well glad to hear you guys are too. Been thinking of you and the kids. THings are going well. Glad to hear kaylee still is thinking of me.
    hope the rest of your week goes well

  7. Amanda Dykstra says:

    What have you guys been busy working on? Is most of the team there now? We had a pretty low key night here. Lots of down time for the kids which was much needed. Lots of giggling from them tonight. Levi is feeling much better thankfully, but Kaylee is still coughing like crazy-she is sleeping right now, but coughing pretty bad so we will see how she sleeps tonight. Kaylee prays for you every night when we say her bedtime prayers. “Amen for daddy to be safe.” Pretty cute if you ask me! Levi was even saying daddy tonight which doesn’t happen to often- I think he misses his guy time. Take care!
    PS Thanks for the flowers 🙂

  8. Judy Vlietstra says:

    Hi, Dave,
    Letting you know that there are lots of people praying for you back in Iowa. We pray you are safe and having an awesome time serving our Lord.
    The Vlietstras

  9. Becky says:

    Hey Dave,
    Praying you guys are having a Fabulous Friday!! I hope and pray you are healthy and getting alot accomplished. I also pray you guys are having a great time together as brothers in Christ! I am anxious to hear all about the trip. Stay safe and healthy!

  10. dave says:

    The guys have been doing some welding i did some plumbing now i am doing odd jobs until the rest of the supplies come. Going well hope everybody is doing well

  11. Amanda says:

    So one more day of work on the base and then the medical clinic, right? I had a great night with the girls tonight- awesome food and an awesome chic flick! Tomorrow is Disney on Ice and shopping with the girls while Levi hangs out with grandpa. Last night before bed, Levi started crying and said dad- so you should feel loved- not a word he says everyday, so he does notice that you are gone! We are doing well, and haning in there. Have a great day tomorrow getting lots accomplished!

  12. Amanda says:

    Hi Dad
    I am going to Disneyworld ? today-very excited. I sat in the hottub with grandma,grandpa and Alex last night and had lots of fun. I want to send you a frog-I am just writing what she is saying?!?!?! When are you coming home? I can’t see you?
    Love you Daddy!!!
    See you soon

  13. dave d says:

    love you guys too can’t wait to see you thanks for the frog

  14. Amanda Dykstra says:

    Miss Kaylee Rae has had a thing with frogs all day today- not sure what that was all about! She loved Disney on Ice! She was so excited and couldn’t get enough of it. Levi had fun hanging with Grandma pollema at a volleyball game this morning and then with Grandpa Steve this afternoon. We met the guys in SC for Mexican after shopping. Kaylee is exhausted after a busy day and is in bed and Levi and I are spending some time together playing tractors and watching a chick flick- those two things go together right?!?! Have a good night!

  15. Amanda Dykstra says:

    See you tomorrow!!! Praying for safe travels! Love you!

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