Jeff Van Singel


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  1. Bonnie DuBois says:

    hopefully you made your trip okay. We were praying and felt there might have been some problems? Hope we covered them for you. Looking forward to hearing the reports. Jesus is the reason and may He be praised by your group. MOM

  2. Liz says:

    Hi, how are you doing? I hope everything is great for you. Did he like the hat? We didn’t get that blizzard yet that you predicted, it was a beautiful sunny day today and of course i was stuck inside working oh well there is always tomorrow. Liz

  3. jeff vansingel says:

    did rough trip lot of storms and late flight 15 min to catch plan to guatemala did not get to base till 1.30 up at 6 very tired to day every things good going to villiage sunday and doing a med clinic can,t wait

  4. Bonnie DuBois says:

    glad you made it, had a feeling in my gut it was rough. Glad you are excited. Supernatural energy will be yours we’re sure. love you.

  5. jeff vansingel says:

    Long day! It was 80 degrees and humid at the medical clinic in the remote village of Camelote, but it was a success. approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of the village came forward, many accepting Christ for the first time in their lives. The road to and from the village was unbelievably bumpy, if you could call that a road because it was only dirt, big rocks, and mud. We even had to cross a small river that was shallow during this season, but come rainy season, this village would be impossible to enter by vehicle. 34 families live in this village, which is more than 100 people total.

  6. Bonnie DuBois says:

    Now that really is accomplishing your purpose! Great news! The christian life in the “real” zone. thank you Lord for answers to many prayers.

  7. jeff vansingel says:

    Productive day on the worksite today. My crew and I finished the flooring, despite a minor setback with a younger member of my crew stepping through the drywall, which I might add that I am partially responsible for because I pulled a board we were both holding towards me, putting his weight off balance. After the flooring, I began dry walling. The same younger member of our crew had the courage to handle my harsh critism and continue working with me, I admire his perserverance and dedication. The highlight of the night came when a man named Estuardo and his family came to look at their future living quarters. Estuardo is in a wheel chair and we installed a mini elevator to compensate. The appreciation they had was amaziing. God has surely used each and every team member on this trip. Good night and Buenas Noches!

  8. jeff vansingel says:

    As you might think that blog was wrought by my helper who put his foot throw the ceiling in Dan apartment it was a good day spirit are high after yesterday and a good nights sleep

  9. Mark says:

    Jeff, 6 inches of snow last night,it,s good to hear everything is going good,house is fine,going out to plow,God bless.

  10. Randy says:

    Smooth flights back to snowy Michigan. 1 hour delay in Houston. Touched down at 5:45 pm. May the Lord bless you with a great week. It was a pleasure working with you. Hopefully you don’t break those sunglasses, so you can pay it forward. Please check in with Martin at the orphanage and see if he still smells propane. As of last night, things were fine.

    Take Care,

    Randy D.

  11. jake visser says:

    Thanks randy things are quiet around here except Thea noise I am making the bedrooms are done
    Taking the day off tomorrow and getting some rest for the next team comming tomorrow can’t wait to build some houses miss you all had such great fellowship with every one stay in touch jeffvansingel

  12. Fig VanderMolen says:

    Praying for you and the team!

  13. Lucas says:

    Don’t have too much fun without us now! 🙂 Hope and pray you have a great time working in la Reina! I miss that village a lot! Do work 🙂

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