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  1. Fig VanderMolen says:

    Thanks for discovering my blog page – it is listed as ‘Nathan VanderMolen’, the name on my passport.

    I had just spent 20 minutes writing out a large post and then the computer reset – there is a small issue with the battery it seems.

    Now it is time to eat breakfast and start work (6:30am breakfast, 7:00am work). I will summarize a few things and try to write again later. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you are checking this.

    Spiritual Growth: Reading Bible and journaling regularly – usually tough for me on mission trips, here, seems easy. (Blogging, not so easy). Singing and devotions time is great. Added awareness of spiritual warfare (Thanks to sermon series at my home church) has helped me keep many things in perspective, both for me and for others I encounter (tiredness, attitude, etc.).

    Lodging: safe, comfortable lodging with hot showers. Large facility, under construction and always growing. Long bumpy road out to the compound. Beautiful view.

    Food: Great fresh local food with American flair – guacamole, spaghetti, shepherd’s pie, banana pancakes, eggs, etc. No worries for anyone on my team coming in July.

    Work: Facilities imporvements, adding housing for staff and short/long term volunteers. Improving garage/shop space with second floor.

    Medical Clinic: Visited very remote village, cut off during rainy season. Distributed medicine and vitamins, showed the ‘Jesus Video’, sang songs, gave testimonies, etc. Many gave their lives to Christ, Bibles distributed.

    Thanks, and hope to add more soon.

  2. Tammie Rozeboom says:

    Good to hear from you! All sound well! Stay safe!

  3. judy beer says:

    Good to here from you. Sharing it with the girls. Makes them excited to go. Be safe!

  4. Glad you’re doing well. We miss you and love you. The girls and I pray for you every night! Can’t wait to see you on Friday! Tell us more about the people you’re meeting!

    Here’s Lydia:
    dad lydia joanna mom sam

    Here’s Jo:

  5. Phil and Kerri Tanis says:

    We have been thinking and praying for you!! Thanks for the update

  6. Julie Van Oordt says:

    Glad you arrived and are discovering what an awesome place Guatemala is! Let God take control this week and “do HIS thing!” Work hard, but take everything in as well. I’m glad you got to see a medical clinic! Hi to my Erin for me too please:)

  7. Fig VanderMolen says:

    Thanks all, late here so I can’t blog long – but I appreciate the comments.
    Had a opportunity to walk down to the water reservoir that the base uses for utility water (showers, hoses, etc.). It was only about the size of a swimming pool. But it was in a beautiful little gorge with a few sheer walls and a small winding creek.

    Tomorrow I hope to visit the orphanage – they received a new child today. He was dropped off by the police after being removed from the custody of his mother. Please pray for the child and the mother. It sounds like the mother might have an opportunity to gain custody back in a few months.

    The stars seem different here – the same constellations, but different maybe rotations. As hard as it is to believe there is a lot of light pollution from a couple of sort-or-nearby cities.

    We have two days remaining for work – Pray also that we will accomplish a lot in our last two days. I will likely be working to frame up some steel walls on the second and third levels.

    I have been thinking a lot about the activities and ministries of our church as this time has been going by. I hope the YMC meeting went well tonight and I hope you have a good time at breakfast on Thursday.

    Looking forward to sharing again soon.

  8. How many kids are in the orphanage? I’ll be thinking of you getting swarmed as you hand out candy to them tomorrow! I forgot to tell you but Sam’s doing well too :). Everyone has been taking great care of us. . .dropping off food, goodies and calling to check on us. We’re doing great, we just miss you lots! Love you.

  9. Fig VanderMolen says:

    Thought about the breakfast crowd back home – we ate at the same time this morning. We had fried eggs and refried beans; what did you have? How is the list of volunteers looking for out saturday winter boredom buster? Are the details coming together?

    This may be my last blog – a full day of work and then an early bedtime…we leave at 4am to get to the airport on time tomorrow morning.

    Thanks all for your prayers and thuoghts.

  10. Sarah Mulder says:

    Breakfast went great this morning! We had scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage links, cinnamon coffee cake, and hash browns! We had about 8 kids show up. Joel, Jimmy Lee, and John Q were all there this morning as well. Hope your last day goes well and we’ll see you at the Saturday Winter Boredom Buster!

  11. Nancy Engelsman says:

    It is certainly quiet in the office here without you. My chance to get lots done. 🙂 We continue to pray
    that your week is ending on a good note and you will be very prepared for this summer when our
    group goes down. And we are ready for lots of great stories when you come back.

  12. Sarah says:

    Glad and thankful to hear that your trip has gone well. I am looking forward to hearing more stories when you return.

  13. Fig VanderMolen says:

    If anyone from the team would like to email me, my email is . I look forward to hearing from you! I hope we can get a snapfish account set up to share pictures among team members. Jeff VS: ask Erin about this? I don’t know if she has started one or not, if not I can work on it Tuesday.

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