Ron Rodenhouse


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  1. Karen & Kirk Lepine says:

    Rockin’ Ron –
    Hola from Australia!! Hope you have a great week in Guate – thanks for giving & serving!
    Karen & Kirk

  2. Mike Door says:

    It is great that you are heading back to Guate. I hope you and Randy have a good week. Keep an eye on Randy and keep him in line. Were you able to keep him calm through customs? I am praying for a safe, healthy and productive week.

  3. Ron Rodenhouse says:

    Good morning!! I hope you arrived safe and sound and are off to a great day of working at the base and making a difference for the people in Guate. Maddie and I are busy quilting. She is doing an awesome job! It started snowing really hard around supper-time…but not much on the ground. I am praying for you and the rest of the team for health and safety this week. Have fun at the clinic tomorrow.
    Here’s Maddie,
    Hi Bapa!!! Did you get to Guatemala safely? Nama and I are making a purse here. Last night we watched a little house episode and Nama let me stay up a half an hour later than my original bedtime which was 9:30 🙂 I love you so much! Tell all the little Guatemalan girls hola from Magdalena 🙂
    Love Maddie

  4. Renee' Rodenhouse says:

    Whoops, How come it says Ron Rodenhouse? This last message is from Renee’ and Maddie

  5. Pat Ensink says:

    Hi, Ron!
    Hope you all had a safe trip to Guatemala. Greg and I will be thinking of and praying for you and your team this week as you serve there. Keep us updated on your progress!
    Love, Pat

  6. Ron Rodenhouse says:

    Hi all: it was a very rough flight, mom would have gone through 3 bags. We had 20 minutes to get to our plane before it departed. We arrived here at 1:00 so we were beat. Woke up this morning after a sporadic night of sleep. We were woken at 6;30 and had breakfast and started cleaning up a mess of wires. Randy and I wired 2 bedrooms and now can drywall on Monday. Sunday we will go to Antigua and then to the clinic shortly afterward. It was a beautiful day here and realized I probably didn’t bring enough short sleeved shirts. The orphanage is beautiful and I held a 1 year old thyat didn’t want to take a nap. The 3 month old girl is really cute. I’m really tired so as soon as devotions are done I’m hitting the rack. Love you all, Ron

  7. Lyndsey Coffey says:

    Hi Dad, I’m glad you made it safely. Josiah’s been praying for you at the supper table. It’s precious. I hope you have a great day in Antigua tomorrow and that your sleep tonight is better. I’m thankful for a dad who goes and serves and is a great example to our family. We love you!

  8. kari sikkema says:

    Oh Dad, I’m so sorry the flight wasn’t good. Sounds like you’re already off to a good start though. Are you sure you can’t take anyone home with you? We pray that you will get alot accomplished and win hearts by your example. We love you!

  9. Renee' Rodenhouse says:

    Good morning!
    I hope you had a better night’s sleep, and can sleep through all the snoring. What are the sleeping arrangements?
    Sounds like it is a good thing that I wasn’t on the flight down there. I hope the one on the way back is better!
    How many kids are in the orphanage? I sure would like to help out there.
    Last night I had supper at Kelly’s house. She made a wonderful minestrone soup, and we watched a movie.
    The sun is out again today! What a beatuiful day! I hope you have a wonderful day in Antigua. I am praying for your safety and health, and I’m proud also that you are willing to serve and use your talents to make a difference in Guatemala. Have a great day!!


  10. Gwen says:

    Hi Ron,
    Sorry for your rough start to your trip, I’m sure the rest of the week will make up for it. We are praying for you, Randy and the rest of the team every day. Thanks for your willingness to serve, have a great week!


  11. Sheri Jurgens says:

    Hola Senior Ron:
    How’s the Spanish going? Sounds like the flight didn’t go as smooth as you would have liked but happy to hear you made it there safe. It’s amazing how God uses each of our individual gifts and when put altogether, can be used for such a bigger purpose which can be seen by the work happening at Paradise Bound. Don’t you just fall in love with those kids there. They know how to steal your heart. Have a great week and say “Hi” to Dan and Heidi. Keeping you in our prayers.


  12. k-rod says:

    hey dad:
    hope today was a good day for you!! i hope you are keeping healthy too. 🙂 just got back from a walk outside and it was lovely! 40-something degrees and sunshine. whats the weather like there? warmer than you expected, looks like. i hear the peanut m and m’s didnt make it in the suitcase. i might have to go help myself to a few. 🙂 enjoy your night and sleep well! see you soon.

  13. says:

    Hey Ron,
    We’re thinking of YOU and praying that things go well for you this week and that you remain healthy! May you be Blessed as you touch the lives of those in need:)
    Nancy & Bill

  14. Renee' Rodenhouse says:

    Good morning,
    I hope you are warmer than I am this morning. I woke up thinking that it seemed really cold in the house, but I knew that it had gotten cold last night. Down in the teens. I turned up the heat without looking at the temp. that it actually was in the house. Nothing happened. I looked at the temp and it was set at 64 but was only 62. I tried resetting the breaker. I thought that I had fixed it. It started up, but then shut off. I guess I will call Jerry King?
    I hope you have great day, and I will try to stay warm without you.


  15. Kyle says:

    Rockin’ Ron,
    Glad you and my dad made it down safe, sorry for the rough flight! Sounds like the team had an incredible day with med clinic. What an opportunity to experience that. I remember watching the Jesus film and listening to Hermano Jesus preach, it was amazing. Well I hope you and my dad are getting some serious work done on that base, hopefully I’ll be able to see it again someday. Stay safe and praying the team stays healthy!


  16. Kelly Vander Ark says:

    GO RON GO!!!!! GO RON GO!!!!! (that’s us cheering you on) Jeff and I are thinking of you so far away from your lovely family. How exciting to be working your wiring magic over there in Guatemala – how fun and rewarding for you. Stay healthy and cool (that’s easy for you, cuz you are the coolest)!!!!
    We can’t wait for the Rodenhouses to return to beautiful Barlow Lake this Summer!!!! I’m sure we will get to hear all your Guatemala wiring stories around the camp fire.

    Love, Jeff & Kelly Vander Ark

  17. Ron Rodenhouse says:

    Hi All: Guats up? I bought this t shirt yesterday in Antigua because it gets quite warm – 82. yesterday was a great day- started out in Antigua for a short time shopping. Then we travelled 11/2 hour to this remote villiage down near the coast, worse road I have ever seen or been on! We actually drove through a creek about 1 foot deep. We passed out the beads and hair bows, what a hit. Also the sunglasses were cool. Randy and I painted nails although not a lot of takers. Played frisbee with some girls around Maddie’s age and even got their Moms involved. We started the evening with singing, then with testimonies from us. I was the first- imagine that! I just wanted to let the parents know that I would like to see their kids again even if not in this world. It went well and knew it wasn’t me speaking! The Jesus film was shown and Hermano Jesus spoke with a fire. The gospel was presented and an altar call followed. First a couple came forward and then a few older women, then about 50 more came up! It was the coolest thing I have ever seen! All that came forward received a Bible. 2 of the girls that played frisbee with me also went forward and came up and gave me a big hug-so cool! Then a 2 hour ride back to the base. Tonight we had potatoe soup from the Grill, it was very good. Food is definately better than before. Today we worked hard and long. Up at 6 , quit at 5:30. We’re building2 rooms for Estuardos kids and making future rooms for long term volunteers. Looks like tomorrow I’ll be doing some tweeking in the orphange. The men here are all working well together and are all great guys! I have one thet I showed Kelly’s picture to. Would you date someone with 1 ear? – just kidding. his last name is Hoogewind, didn’t Lyndsey have a friend named Hoogewind? I bought something for Josiah that he will really think is cool. It cost 40 quasalles. Well, time to go, hope all is well, love you all, Ron

  18. k-rod says:

    oh my word, dad…. youre such a nerd. 🙂 if youre going to show my picture to a boy, update your photo! did you preface that the photo was 12 years old??! i think lyndsey knew a jim hoogewind. glad youre having a good time. i wonder why no one wanted their nails painted by you??! i baby sat the littlest children this morning and then had only an hour of work so far today. its kinda stressing me out. 😦 hope it gets busy soon. much love! sleep tight.

  19. Renee' Rodenhouse says:

    Wow! Sounds like you an awesome day yesterday!! I’m so glad you could be a part of these people giving their lives to Christ. Glad to hear that everyone is meshing well together. Jerry King came here after I had left for work, and the heat is on, but I don’t know what he had to do. I guess we will find out. Hopefully he will call me tomorrow and let me know what the problem was.
    Have you had a chance to find out about the sewing machines? Continue to stay well and safe!
    Love, Renee’

  20. kari sikkema says:

    Wow Dad, way cool to be able to share your testimony. I’m proud that you did that! Sounds like you are getting alot done. How amazing to see that many people give their life over to Christ! Glad things are going well for you and that the crew is working together well. We love you and are praying for you!

  21. Maddie says:

    Hi Bapa!! Its Maddie, did the girls enjoy playing frisbee with you??? I hope you said hola to them from me! Me and Nama got really far on my purse but I cut myself on a pin and it was like three layers deep! Blood and sweat went into this project, literally! Did you give out my hairbows to the girls? We are doing school right now but I am done. Levi is at an engineering class with dad and if I asked Olivia what she was learning she would say nothing:) Shiloah is learning about hemoglobin in her sleep:)
    say hi to all the girls my age,

  22. Renee' Rodenhouse says:

    Hi! Hope all is well. I finally got in a regular work week!! Yea!! The furnace problem ended up being the ignition switch. Not sooo bad. I am getting ready to go to church and sew with Gems tonight. I hope you are well and getting alot done! I’m praying for you and the rest of the crew. A few more days and then back home. It is suppose to snow on Friday. Hopefully it doesn’t interfere with your flights. Love ya,

  23. ALAN JURGENS says:

    Hola Ron comoestas mi compadre? Been praying for u all. Sounds like all is going well. Did they play El Poder Tu De Amore when the Guat people came up to give there lives to Christ? That is my favorite part of the trip for me. Wish i was there and enjoy the rest of your trip. SENOR AL

  24. ALAN JURGENS says:

    Hey Ron i think i just saw ALDENA )

  25. Kevin Van Wyhe says:

    Hey Ron! Hope you have an amazing last night there. I am super jealous and wish I was there!

    Have a good trip home!


  26. Ron Rodenhouse says:

    Well here it is the last night! Incredible week here in Guatemala. A lot accomplished at the base and great memories of a villiage that was changed for eternity! Super devotions every night, new friends made, great views from the mountain top. We can actually see 2 volcanos here. tomorrow we get up at 3:30 for our 11/2 hour ride to the airport and flight at 7;00 to be home by 4:30. I’m sleeping in Sat. morning. See you all later, Ron

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