Tim Peters


4 Responses to Tim Peters

  1. Ron Rodenhouse says:

    Tim: Got room in my suitcase, need anything? Ron

  2. Julie Van Oordt says:

    Hope you are doing well and working hard! Keep everyone down there in line:)

  3. Jon Bonga says:

    How long will you be there? Will I see you on the 26th? Hope you are able to get done what you have planned.

  4. ALAN JURGENS says:

    Hola Tim nobody is writing 2 u. So i will. Thanks 4 using your gifts again in Guat. R the cabinets still hanging or did the earth quakes cause them to settle. Dan keeps telling me there out of plumb. Have a great rest of your week. Say Hola 2 Dan and Heidi 4 me.

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